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WFA: 4.2: Lost access to logs and backup+restore ?

While developing workflow on my newly installed 4.2 WFA I unexpectedly lost my connection to the Web UI. (Other network connections e.g. ssh from my desktop to a Data Centre based Filer) were not affected.


When I investigated the Windows 2012 server where WFA was running I found this error from MySQL in the event log:

Description: Aborted connection 17 to db: 'unconnected' user: 'root' host: 'localhost' (Got timeout writing communication packets)For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://www.mysql.com.


The WFA service would not respond to a stop request, perhaps blocked waiting on something ... In the end I used the Windows Task manager to terminate the service.


Both services (WFA + MySQL) could be manually restarted OK, apparently without problem and I can now log in to WFA and continue to develop.


However, only the Flash based part of the WebUI is functional. When I click on the links to "external" components such as "Backup & Restore" or "View Logs" (i.e. non-Flash based, JBoss(?), services) I get a 404 "Page not found error".


What could be the problem? Suggestions for a fix?


Running like this and developing without the ability to backup my work makes me a little nervous. I could reinstall WFA ... but only if I could backup my workflow first 😕


I noticed that there is a CLI based backup functionality (wfa -B ...) but this also fails. In this case the error reported is:

Couldn't look-up registry: ERROR: Couldn't look-up registry: The handle is invalid


Perhaps a direct export at the MySQL level would be possible? With the right advice about how to correctly restore it for a working WFA system afterwards?


Thanks (again) in advance!


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