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What OS do you run Harvest on?

Hello NetApp-Harvest users!


I joined Netapp earlier this year and I am responsible for maintaining and developing Harvest. Hopefully I will be also able to help you with any issues you encounter while using Harvest.


One of the things that I want to do in the coming weeks, is to install Harvest natively on different Operating Systems and see what the possible challenges are (and maybe write some guidelines). If you use Harvest natively (i.e. not in NAbox), could you please help me understand what OS are more commonly used and which of them are problematic?


Please follow this link and complete the survey: https://dmmm.typeform.com/to/idiCsK


It will not take more than 30 seconds!



Many thanks in advance,





(P.S. New Harvest release coming soon with new cool updates - stay tuned!)

Who Me Too'd this topic