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10 OCUM questions

Hi there,


we use OCUM 9.4 and we have a couple of questions:


1) why do I need to login to OnCommand System Manager* with "domain\username" and with just the "username" on OCUM*?

* both using Active Directory authentication

2) why is the storage summary report not including/showing single-node clusters?

3) why is it still not possible to set a remote backup location for backups?

4) why is it still not possible to (easily) clone alerts (https://community.netapp.com/t5/OnCommand-Storage-Management-Software-Discussions/OCUM-Feature-Requests-clone-export-import-Alerts/m-p/131337#M23801%3...)

5) any chance to modify multiple alerts, mentionend in 4) at once? Like adding a new event to several alert groups

6) any chance to add warranty details from ASUP/ActiveIQ and all Config advisor recommendations/warnings into OCUM?

7) any chance to get a better/easier capacity planning? Which vols/aggr grow the fastest, more realistic "days until full" estimations

😎 any chance to get estimates of savings when migrating from volumes on non-ssd to ssd-aggregates which have aggr. level dedupe, compaction etc. enabled?

9) any chance to get some easy report builder? it would be nice to be able to clone an existing report and modify the missing details we look for, instead of struggling with eclipse and a ton of tables...

10) any chance to orchestrate configurations backups of ONTAP clusters from OCUM to either a local partition or a remote destination?





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