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LACP recalculation - loosing connectivity when port down in LACP

I'm having a 2 node cluster. Each node has a 4 ports LACP configuration connected to 2 NEXUS 9k. On the cluster I have created a SVM with lif's connected to each LACP. I can ping to both IP addresses. When configuring down 1 port of the LACP node 1, The associated IP on the Lif stays pingable. However the IP on the other LIF on the other LACP is not pingable for about 1 min.... 

Connections beteen the NEXUS switch is done using a breakout cable (40g to 4*10g). 2cables connected to node 1, the other to node 2. Systems is running Ontap version 9.3P9.


Any idea?

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