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FAS 2720 new aggregate not create

I am setting up new FAS2720 (2set) with ONTAP 9.4P4.
One is total of 12 x 10TB SATA drives, and  the other is total of 12 x 8TB SATA drives.

The internal drives were root-data partitioned already from factory and Root Aggr is raid-dp.

I tried to create a new data aggregate with raid-tec, but cannot create data aggregate with the follow message.
Error: command failed: RAID-TEC aggregate is not fully supported.

The Command is "storage aggr create -aggregate <aggregate_name> -nodes <node#1_name> -disklist 1.0.0,1.0.1,1.0.2,1.0.3,1.0.4,1.0.5,1.0.6,1.0.7,1.0.8,1.0.9 -raidtype raid_tec -simulate true"

Please tell me how to deal with this message.

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