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Lost Password for SRA 4.0 - need to upgrade

We are vsphere 6.5 using SRM 6.5 with Netapp SRA 4.1

onTap is 9.1p17


Before we go to 9.3 and onwards I will need to get onto the VASA 7.x Documentation says that if your running SRA previous to 4.x you should deplay the VASA Appliance then migrate.  if you're running 4.0 onwards (which is us) we can simply do an in place upgrade.  The problem is that I inherited the environment and the default credentails of maint and a password of admin123 were changed. So I am unable to acess the shell or Web UI.


What is the impact of just removing the SRA within SRM, building a fresh instal of the VASA 71 and adding that back to SRM?

What kind of confgiuration will be lost? will it affect my snapmirrors that I have in place?


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