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Ontap API Performance monitoring: perf-object-get-instances parameters not consider.





I recently begin to work on Netapp API to gather Performance monitoring using Perl Ontap API 3.0. I look the perf_operation.pl which is quite complete !



But, I'm looking for a script that can get Per instances performance stats, per example, let say that I would like to query avg_latency for a specific Volume. Following the documentation I should use the API perf-object-get-instances and include parameters such as this example using the Windows command line tool:



manage-ontap-sdk-3.0\bin\nt>apitest.exe netapp01 <USER> <PASSWORD> perf-object-get-instances objectname volume instances vol0 counters avg_latency



The problem here is that the output of the command is ALL counters for All volumes on the filer. I also try this API using Perl and zeplorer.exe; they all ignore instances and counters inputs.






Any idea ? Could it be a API bug ?






Thanks a lot.









Who Me Too'd this topic