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fcp initiator group (not logged in)


Recently I have added an fcp initiator (wwpn) to an exisiting igroup. after adding , I do not see it as "logged in".. The zoning is good.. Do we need to change some setting or add both the initiators in the igroup together as a best practice.?

    IG_aixsaptst (FCP):

        OS Type: aix

        Member: c0:50:76:03:e8:aa:00:4c (logged in on: vtic, 0d, 1d)

        Member: c0:50:76:03:e8:aa:00:52 (not logged in)

        UUID: 50aed88c-c6a6-11e1-ae2b-00a09820168b

        ALUA: Yes

zone config:

* fcid 0x0c0200 [pwwn 50:0a:09:87:8f:6f:95:82]

* fcid 0x0c0300 [pwwn 50:0a:09:86:8f:6f:95:82]

* fcid 0x0b0027 [pwwn c0:50:76:03:e8:aa:00:52]

any ideas anyone?


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