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NetApp cDOT Nagios-Plugins


since we didn't found any usefull Cluster-Mode Plugins for Nagios but needed to monitor our new Cluster-Mode with nagios, we started to build some Nagios-Plugins for checking our cDOT.

The first scripts could be found here: https://github.com/aleex42/netapp-cdot-nagios

The checks are working great and the first failures have been noticed using them - but now we need more feedback from other customers.

So feel free to try these checks at your setup, collaborate with the code or just give us some feedback.

Thanks so far for any feedback und much fun with these checks!

(there are also a couple of collectd-Plugins for Capacity Monitoring in another git repository - and the collection of scripts is growing very fast, so just check the git-repositories a few days later again )



Who Me Too'd this topic