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Working with Variables

I’m working on my first WFA development project and have ran into a hurdle I can’t seem to jump over. I ‘m looking for the way to take a location a user specifies and turn it into a local cluster name.  From there I’ll be selecting an aggregate to create a new volume in for a new VMware datastore.

I created the short bit of code below to translate datacenter location to the correct site cluster name as a couple sites have multiple cluster but only one for VMware.  My issue is feeding this newly assigned cluster name into the rest of the workflow so it uses the $ClusterName variable specified below throughout the workflow.  I’m not necessarily looking for a complete solution but rather the general way to make this work.

param (

[parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="Datacenter Location")]



[parameter(Mandatory=$false, HelpMessage="Name of Cluster")]



if ($DCLocation = 'Valley Forge')

            {$ClusterName = 'Amazon'}

elseif ($DCLocation = 'Denver')

            {$ClusterName = 'Phoenix'}

elseif ($DCLocation = 'Ft. Worth')

            {$ClusterName = 'Griffin'}

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