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Performance Advisor Says We Have 40%-50% misaligned reads in VMware ESX4.1 Environment


All our LUNs are presented to ESX 4.1 and are VMFS. Our Netapp Performance Advisor says we have about 40%-50% misaligned reads and some writes on all our LUNs. It also adivses us that every single LUN is violating LUN partial reads and says we should make sure the host file system has block sizes in mutiples of 4k. However, our NetApp VSC advises us that every single VM in our cluster is "actually alligned". We created all our LUNs using OnCommand System Manager, type is always set to "VMware". All our VMs are Windows Server 2008 so should be aligned out of the gate. All our LUNs are formated VMFS with a block size of 8MB (cleanly divides by 4k).

Where else can we be going wrong here? According to everything I can find we are aligned except according to Performance Advisor...any help would be greatly appreciated.


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