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Storage Pool Utilization Reporting

I have several enhancements in with support already, but I believe this one would be valuable to almost everyone so I am adding this post.  I want the Storage Pool Utilization data by array over time to be ported to the DWH database so we can build reports using that data.  My reasoning for this is to generate reports with not only storage used, and IOP data, but also with percent average and max of the total performance that is possible in a storage pool.  I have a request in now with support, but know that the more of us that ask for this the sooner it will be worked on.  Please let me know if you need more information on why I want this or what I am asking for exactly.

Also, I write my own Dashboards and Reports, if any of you would like share or bounce ideas on these, please let me know.



Who Me Too'd this topic