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difference between traditional and Flex volume?


Please explain about the diff b/w traditional and Flex volume other than below points. Which one is frequently use?

Traditional volume

The smallest possible 2 disk raid4 3 disk raiddp

A traditional volume is contained by a single, dedicated,


The only way to increase the size of a traditional volume is to add entire disks to

its containing aggregate

t is impossible to decrease the size of a traditional


Flexible volume (FlexVol):

Because the volume is managed separately from the aggregate,

FlexVol volumes give you a lot more options for managing the size of the


You can create FlexVol volumes in an aggregate nearly instantaneously.

They can be as small as 20 MB and as large as the volume capacity that is

supported for your storage system

You can increase and decrease the size of a FlexVol in small increments (as

small as 4 KB), nearly instantaneously

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