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Disk ownership change request failed


I installed several new DS-4243 into my V3240 HA pair running DOT 8.0.2RC1.

Then I ran "disk assign all" from one of the nodes.

As it turns out this is NOT what I wanted to do

I failed all the new disks and they're now showing broken, which I suppose means I'm partway to the finish line.

I put both nodes of the pair into options disk.auto_assign off.  Not 100% sure why but it seemed like a good idea.

I'm trying to run "disk remove_ownership 0a.01.2" from priv-advanced, but the node tells me, "Disk ownership change request failed on disk 0a.01.2 (S/N J1VMADWN). Status: 3."


Ideally I'd like to run "disk remove_ownership 0a.01.2 0a.01.3 0a.01.4 0a.01.5 0a.01.6 0a.01.7 0a.01.8 0a.01.9 0a.00.11 0a.01.10 0a.01.11 0a.01.12 0a.01.13 0a.01.14 0a.01.15 0a.01.16 0a.01.17 0a.01.18 0a.01.19 0a.01.20 0a.01.21 0a.01.22 0a.01.23 0b.02.0 0b.02.1 0b.02.2 0b.02.3 0b.02.4 0b.02.5 0b.02.6 0b.02.7 0b.02.8 0b.02.9 0b.03.0 0b.03.1 0b.03.2 0b.03.3 0b.03.4 0b.03.5 0b.03.6 0b.03.7 0b.03.8 0b.03.9 0b.02.10 0b.02.11 0b.02.12 0b.02.13 0b.02.14 0b.02.15 0b.02.16 0b.02.17 0b.02.18 0b.02.19 0b.02.20 0b.02.21 0b.02.22 0b.03.10 0b.03.11 0b.03.12 0b.03.13 0b.03.14 0b.03.15 0b.03.16 0b.03.17 0b.03.18 0b.03.19 0b.03.20 0b.03.21 0b.03.22 0b.03.23" .....

....but when I do, I get hit with a bunch of those "Disk ownership change request failed" messages.

I was able to get through it with one disk a few minutes ago, but I can't seem to do any more.  Luckily for me this means that I have a pair of FC spares assigned to one filer, and a pair of SATA spares on the other.

What might I be doing wrong with removing ownership of these new disks?


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