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RCU for Hyer-V ?


I've looked the the RCU documentation and it doesn't seem to support Hyper-V.

Since Hyper-V doesn't suppor NFS we can't use SIS-Clone to clone a single VHD file or a single VM, and have to use FlexClone.

My customer wants to replicate the golden image 200 times, even if he uses FlexClone to replicate the Golden CSV 20 times, he still needs to physically copy the golden image 10 times to create the "golden CSV" and then run DeDupe before he can clone the volume (or at least the LUN).

I know that if you have FlashCache the second copy wil be faster (assuming you enable low-priority data to allow a large sequential read into the cache) but it still requires him to copy through the host(s)

1)  Are there any existing scripts to make this operation any faster ?

2) I Is there an RCU-like tool planned for Hyper-V ?

Thanks !

Eran B

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