Increasing LUN Size

I have a question regarding netapp storage and vmware vsphere.  We have a netapp filer FAS6080 and have setup some volumes and qtrees.  We have qtree A .  Within qtree A we have created some LUNS, such as lunA and lunB.  LunA and LunB are attached to virtual machines as mapped RAW luns, so lunA is mapped to VM1 and LunB is mapped to VM2.  The VM's are running windows 2003.  the LUN sizes are 300 GB .  So VM1 has 300GB disk provided by the mapped raw lun LunA. We now need more space on the disk on VM1 which is lunA, we need to increase by 250 GB disk space.  There is enough space on the Volume where the luns and qtrees are located. My question is how do you increase the lun size of LUNA, what command do you use on the console.  And on the VM does it pick up the new space automatically, or do you need to do something.  Also increasing the lun size of LUN A will this affect the other LUNS on the same qtree. Thanks

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