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Performance Advisor / Management Console access

Hello all

I am deploying a new storage contoller pod that is in a restrictive network zone; trying to get ports to open up through the customer's security group is like trying to balance the state budget ... slow.

PROBLEM - When launching NetApp Management Console ( from DFM 3.8 ), i get a timeout on both HTTP and HTTPS on ports 8088 and 8488

I can SSH into the linux host and use DFM commands and use the web interface through port 8080

A contact of mine here uses a special HTTP tunnelling program to access the NMC and is able to get PA to display - although I do not know if all of PA's functionality will work through such tunnelling.

Can I change the NMC access ports to be 8080 and would that conflict with the web interface for DFM?

If Tunnelling HTTP can work, is there a recommended configuration/software package we recommend?

Thanks, Emanuel

Who Me Too'd this topic