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FAS2552 and IBM TS3100 Direct Attach

Hi, i'm new with netapp and have problem when connecting directly FAS2552 to Tape IBM TS3100. I already modify port type  0c to initiator and then try to online but failed. When i try to modify back to "target", 0c port can online



hostname-02> fcadmin config  -e 0c

hostname-02> Fri Dec 12 12:23:59 GMT hostname-02:fci.adapter.onlining:info]: Onlining Fibre Channel adapter 0c.
Fri Dec 12 12:23:59 GMT [hostname02:fci.adapter.online.failed:error]: Fibre Channel adapter 0c failed to come online.



Hostname-02> ucadmin show
Current Current Pending Pending Admin
Adapter Mode Type Mode Type Status
------- ------- --------- ------- --------- -------
0c fc initiator - - offline
0d fc target - - online
0e cna target - - online
0f cna target - - online


hostname-02> fcadmin config

Warning: This command is deprecated. Use the ucadmin command to configure adapters.

Adapter Type State Status
0c initiator CONFIGURED offline
0d target CONFIGURED online




can you help me, what is the problem?



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