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Has anyone encountered this weird issue? I have SQL 2014 running on Windows Server 2012 R2, virtualized under ESXi 5.5, with storage on a FAS2552 running cDOT 8.2.2, storing databases on an SMB share. Network is 10GbE, Juniper EX4550F switches, Intel 82599EB NICs, vmxnet3 virtual NICs. Every time SQL needs to perform a file operation such as database attach or a log backup, it gets stuck for about 65 seconds, with activity monitor showing wait type PREEMPTIVE_OS_GETFILEATTRIBUTES. The action never fails, and always takes around 65 seconds to complete. It only happens with shared backed by the NetApp filer, not with Windows Server shares on the same network. Aside from this, performance is great, it's easily doing 100-150MB/s database IO in regular operation (OLTP). However, this issue makes SnapManager operations take a LOT longer than they should.

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