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E-Series reports LUNs on a not preferred controller

Hi everybody,


this happens on different controllers installed in different sites on different models too (E-5500 with SAS and SATA hdd and on EF-550)

Sometime the "Need attention" warn appears on SANTricity Storage Manager and the warining is due to the fact that some LUN are declared served by the "B" controller that is not the default one.

The involved LUNs belong to the same disk pool but not all the LUNs of this disk pool are "trespassed".


Using the automatic configuration to put all the LUNs to the default "A" controller it works with no issues but after some time (hours and/or days) the array report that the same LUNs have been passed to the "B".


From the host point of view nothing changes, the mpio information still continue to report that the LUN is on the default optimized path.


What it can be?




Who Me Too'd this topic