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SnapManager SQL won't Move Database to iSCSI LUNs
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Good day.  I am trying to run the SMSQL configuration wizzard as I've done dozens of times before.  During the database/log mapping phase I'm getting the attached error stating;


"Unable to move the selected databases to LUN/Share C:\SMSQLMnPT\vmum_logs\:.  Ensure that SnapManager for SQL Server is licensed on the storage system "infra", or that the SnapManager per-server license is licensed on "IWIC-VMSQL01"."


I have verifided at the cluster and all it's nodes have the "SnapManagerSuite" license installed and that SnapDrive for Windows isn't recieving any error when mounting these LUNs via iSCSI.  At this point I'm looking for suggesting on what could be the issue.


cDOT Version: 8.2.2P2

SnapDrive Version: 7.1

SMSQL Version: 7.2 (also have been recieving same error on 7.1)

Windows: Server 2012 R2 Standard

ESXi Host: 5.5 U2 (build 2302651)


I'm open to any thoughts or ideas on this issue.


Thank you.



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