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OCUM / OPM growth rate interval

About this volume alert … Volume Growth Rate Abnormal :


Growth Rate

Specifies the percentage at which a volume's growth rate is considered to be normal before the system generates a Volume Growth Rate Abnormal event.


Growth Rate Sensitivity

Specifies the factor that is applied to the standard deviation of a volume's growth rate. If the growth rate exceeds the factored standard deviation, a Volume Growth Rate Abnormal event is generated.

A lower value for growth rate sensitivity indicates that the volume is highly sensitive to changes in the growth rate.


The defaults are 3% for growth rate and 2.0 for growth rate sensitivity. But at what time intervals it measures the growth rate for a volume? Does it compare growth rate between two poll intervals (15 min)?

I tried to simulate this by growing at 10,20,40% and rediscovering after each growth but didn’t get the alert.


Who Me Too'd this topic