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Intelligent Caching and NetApp Flash Cache


I have FAS3140 with PAMII - 256GB.

The version is 7.3.7P2 - 7 mode.

I upgrade it to be 8.1.4P1 - 7 mode.

Flash cache works fine after upgrade.  However, it noly shows 128GB from Oncmomand Manager System 3.1.2 console.

I also run stats show ext_cache_obj and it shows ext_cache_obj:ec0:size:128 as well.
Am I expected to see this or something goes wrong?

Where is another 128GB ?







This is due to bug 528788.


 Data ONTAP 8.0.4 & 8.1.2 and later contain improvements which are expected
 to reduce the severity of the memory contention.  
 In case of FAS3140 storage controller, Data ONTAP 8.1.2 and later would 
 reduce Flash Cache usage by 50% to avoid over memory subscription.


I remember a release note about the card behing halved like this... flashcache was not supported 8.1 but pamii still was from what I recall.. I can't find the doc or engineering update though but do remember seeing this before.


If you haven't already, I would open a support case.  Looking at the IMT your configuration appears to be supported, so you'll definitely want to get them involved.



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