AFF220 MCC IP 9.7


Hi Guys,


I got no Pool 1 Disk on the MCC iSCSI Disk. Automatically assigned works but no Pool 1 Disks.


36 Disks; all are partitioned after MCC connection connect we have 216..



Hi there!


If I understand correctly, you are setting up the system from scratch? The system has never been used?


First thing I would do is run "set-defaults" at the LOADER prompt, then boot to maintenance mode, and then run "ha-config show" to verify both nodes show as "mccip". Once that is confirmed, boot again and choose option 9a, then let the system reinitialise and start from that point.


Let us know how you get on?


Is there a Picture or a Präsentation, where i can see the assignment for a AFF220 with internal 24 Disk plus 12 Disk in a Shelf on Each Site.


The Interal 24 Disk will be automatically assigned (First 12 Disk local HA Pair, remain Disk unassigned for the Remote HA Pair).

But what i have to do with the remaining 12 Disk in the Shelf? "You only need to manually assign a single drive on each unassigned shelf. The rest of the drives on the shelf are then automatically assigned" ( This doesn't Work. In my opinion I would say, that the first 6 Disk  of the Shelf are for the Local HA Pair and remaining 6 Disk for the Remote HA PAIR.


Thanks in advance


Hi Alex,


already done, it’s not the first System. The automatically iSCSI Disk creation/assigned has a problem, because I get the Disk but the Disks are not assigned to Pool 1.. 


Hi there,


Thanks for that confirmation. Can you also confirm that you have the correct and identical switch RCF file in place?




Hi Alex,


yes they are correct. MetroCluster interface are successfully created and can ping each other (interface check command). 



for metrocluster do you have used shared port e0a/e0b ?? 

Could you post the output of the command > network port show 

Thanks in advance! 



For the entry MCC IP Solution it is a must to use the Default Cluster Ports.


metrocluster configuration-settings interface create -cluster-name "" -home-node "" -home-port e0a-10 -address "" -netmask ""
metrocluster configuration-settings interface create -cluster-name "" -home-node"" -home-port e0b-20 -address "" -netmask ""


Ok, unfortunately I think it will be necessary to open a case with our support team, it sounds like you've done everything right (especially since you mention you have several other successful installs complete)


Best regards and you are welcome to send me the case number or post the number here, as I am interested in the root cause.


Solution is to assign the Disk and the Partition manually, because any auto assigned function won't work with a half Shelf...

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