FAS8060 ONTAP 9.4P1 aggrs nearly full - added AFF A700 to cluster to migrate data to it


FAS8060  8 node cluster CIFS ONTAP 9.4P1 - aggregates all nearly full - BEFORE

Added AFF A700 4 nodes to the cluster so now 12 node cluster running ONTAP 9.4.1P on AFF as well.

Vol move used to move as much data as we could until AFF A700 80% full, efficiecy on AFF 1.47:1 from compression, dedupe.  Compaction not giving any improvememnt showing as 1:1

We also had StorageGRID for FabricPool but wil such poor deduplication we dont want to tier until its better or wont have enough space to migrate all data off FAS8060 controllers.


Efficiency donut attached


My suspicaion is vol move does not get benefit of compaction at all, vol move used as mon-disruptive and no cutover to worry about aka changing any share paths.




Here's a good general checklist to run through after you move to AFF. 


There is a post process compaction scanner too.  (see KB) 

​[ONTAP 9.1 and later] Run background compaction scanner to compact existing data in the volumes

vol efficiency start -vserver $SVM_NAME -volume $VOL_NAME -compaction true 
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