Failure to build endpoint environment variables. Autoboot will be disabled.


NetApp All Flash AFF - A200a


Performed NDU ONTAP Upgrade to 9.2P1 and upon Node 1 updating and  waiting ~ 40 mins, the controller was rebooted and sitting as a Loader prompt like this:




BIOS Version: 11.0.2

Portions Copyright (C) 2014-2016 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Initializing System Memory ...

Loading Device Drivers ...

Configuring Devices ...


CPU = 1 Processor(s) Detected.

  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU D-1528 @ 1.90GHz (CPU 0)

  CPUID: 0x00050663. Cores per Processor = 6

32768 MB System RAM Installed.


Boot Loader version 6.0

Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Broadcom Corporation.

Portions Copyright (C) 2002-2016 NetApp, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


ERROR: Failure to build endpoint environment variables. Autoboot will be disabled.




System would not boot - boot_ontap, boot_primary, boot_diag, boot_backup - nada, nothing.


I decided to reseat the controller and then it automagically booted back up into the previous ONTAP (9.1). Cluster Update then updated Node 2 successfully and circled back and completed Node 1.


Case opened w/ Support but no resolution.


Anyone seen this?




I was able to find your support case... as noted, the only other possible reason beside it being a transient issue might be that the MSATA boot device is not fully seated.

Unless this issue reoccurs, at your earliest convenience (next maintenance window) consider halting the node, opening up the controller PCM and reseating the MSATA boot device.




I was just curious if anyone else had seen an issue like this.

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