Is it normal that with FabricPool All policy a volume is mooved only 90% to StorageGrid?


Hi all,


I have a new 2 nodes AFF A300 with the aggregates on it tiered with a StorageGrid and i started to move some volumes (from another Ontap system FAS) to those new aggregates and applied the tiering policy ALL in FabricPool as I want(and aspected) those volumes to be moved to the StorageGrid entirely, except for the volume metadata.


But what I found once the volume have been mooved is that the majority of volume (90%) went to the StorageGrid hence 10% remain in "Performance Tier" (this is the output when I perform a "volume show-footprint" in Ontap)


Does this behavior is normal or do I have to wait for the rest of the data to be "colder".


I didn't found anything on Netapp Ontap Documentation, so hope that someone can help me on this.





With the "all" tiering policy:

  • Blocks in the volume are immediately marked as "cold" and tiered

  • NetApp WAFL® metadata is always "hot" and remains in the performance tier

  • If read, cold blocks stay cold and are not written back to the performance tier.

So, you'll always have some consumption of the performance (hot) tier due to new writes (transient) and WAFL metadata. The average is about 5%, but it can vary.

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