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Attention: Provisioning a new flexible volume (backup secondary) failed.



I have installed Protection Manager and set up a local snapshot and a remote backup with

snapvault. I Have done 3x volumes ant it works well.

Now I'm trying to vreate 4th and then I get the following error message.

Attention: Provisioning a new flexible volume (backup secondary) failed.

Action :           None of the physical resources matched, so provision a new flexible volume (backup secondary) of size 300 GB for qtree fileserver2:/ELEVHOME/03_users into node 'Backup' and then attempt to create a backup relationship using SnapVault.

Error:                 Errors related to storage system ''(68):

                         Errors related to aggregate 'nearstore01:aggr1'(11821):

                        - Nearly full threshold of the aggregate will exceed: 'nearstore01:aggr1'(11821)[Used space grows to: 114.976 % (4.36 TB), Nearly full threshold: 85 % (3.23 TB)]

Suggestion:      Suggestions related to storage system ''(68):

                         Suggestions related to aggregate 'nearstore01:aggr1'(11821):

                        - Increase aggregate nearly full threshold for 'nearstore01:aggr1'(11821) to utilize maximum available space.

What I don't understand is, what parameter should i change and into what?





This document may help explain how Protection Manager does secondary provisioning.

Here's the summary:

This document attempts to give a clear picture on how the 3.8 version of Protection Manager does secondary and tertiary volume provisioning using its default provisioning feature and Resource Pools. In particular, it explains the various size and space variables that will cause an aggregate to be disqualified from use for provisioning a secondary or tertiary volume


This is a rather late reply, but i believe i found the easiest solution for these kind of problems.

I recently started to use compressed volumes on my secondary systems, as such i end up taking backup of 8 GB primary volumes into a secondary volume which is merely 6 GB.

I could add the first two volumes into the relationship with dfm/operations manager. But i could not add the last two, since it wanted the backup volume to be 10 GB and not 6 GB.

The easy solution to this problem is to add the relationships manually by using 'snapvault start -S' on the secondary. Once the initial baseline transfer is complete they will turn up under 'External Relationship' and can be imported to the desired dataset.

This method is actually quicker, more reliable and saves a lot of GUI clicks.

I'm using DFM 4 / OnTAP 8.0.2RC2.



That true, during importing of external relationship we only check for the source and destination volume languages to be same, and nothing else with respect to the size.

That's the reason you are able to do so. The problem with this approach is that when the primary volume are full, your backup volume will have no space to hold the data itself.

Also they not have space to accommodate for retention specification.




Your aggregate is running out of capacity - Try to add new aggregates

with more capacity (or)

Try increasing the aggregate threshold of nearstore01:aggr1 in

Operations Manager

Screenshot 1: Get into the dashboard of an aggregate and click edit

settings under aggregate tools

Screenshot 2: change the nearly full threshold

Thanks and regards

Shiva Raja


What value do you recommend to add/write in the nearly full threshold?

I changed the value from default(85) to 90, no changes.




Try increasing beyond 80% - But this is not a recommended method. I would suggest you free up some space on the aggregate or add an aggregate with sufficient space to the resource pool


The value is set to 90% and I have 1,16TB free space (71% Commited - or used %)

I don't have any more disk to add to the aggregate or to create a new aggregate.

Why don't I have enught space when I have it?

df - gA

aggr1                   4239GB     3046GB     1192GB      72%
aggr1/.snapshot          223GB       13GB      209GB       6%




Can you please send me a screenshot of nearstore01:aggr1 dashboard from Operations Manager? (Similar to the one I sent you


Here are the screenshots.


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