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NetApp Harvest 1.6 snapmirror and NFS-connections dashboard


The NFS-connections and snapmirror dashboard is giving me this error.


Templating init failed
Datasource named ${DS_GRAPHITE} was not found


Seems like I did something wrong when exporting the SnapMirror dashboard. The ${DS_GRAPHITE} is a variable name from my Grafana configuration and is not recognized by your Grafana server.


Here is a quick fix you can use:

- Navigate to the SnapMirror Replications dashboard and enter Dashboard settings (click on the gear icon on right top),

- Go to JSON Model and copy the code to a text editor

- Replace all "datasource": "${DS_GRAPHITE}" with "datasource": null

- Copy the code back, save and reload the dashboard.


cc @yannb 



I upgraded grafana to 6.4 and harvest to 1.6, but not able to see any data for nfs connections .


I followed your post and changed datasource to null for both snapmirror relationships and nfs3 connections




Can you check the log files of these two extensions? If there isn't much there, can you run them in verbose mode and check the logs again.


To run in verbose mode, just restart the poller for which you have activated in these extensions with -v, e.g.:


./netapp-manager -restart -poller POLLER -v

Btw, I found a bug in the snapmirrors extensions (making it collect only destination metrics), I'll fix it and post an updated version here soon.




Have you managed to use the Snapmirror and NFS Connection dashboards ?


Thanks !

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