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looking for a report in DFM for qtrees and/or volumes not backedup/mirrored


hello all ... typing one handed here ... apologies for the breif text

customer wants to know is there a view in DFM ( report ) that shows qtrees or volumes that ARE NOT protected by snapvaults or mirrors?

I did direct them to the NMC for protection manager and to look at a view that shows all unprotected datasets but that is from the point of view PM because PM does not own those backups.

basicly a single view that shows qtrees not vaulted.



Hi Emanuel,

                For qtree that are not protected.

Use the following report.

primary-dirs-qtrees-discovered Displays a list of all unprotected qtrees

dfbm report primary-dirs-qtrees-discovered.





Hi Emanuel,

     For the list of volume which are not VSM/QSMed can be got by a simple dfm report.

Below is the sample one which I created using Volume catalog.

[root@lnx ~]# dfm report view VolumesNotMirrored help
VolumesNotMirrored Report (VolumesNotMirrored)
This is a report created to know the list of volumes that are not QSM or VSMed.

Catalog Name: Volume

Display Tab: Filesystems

Catalog Field                                 Field Name                                    Format
--------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- ---------
StorageSystem.Name                            Storage System
Volume.Name                                   Volume Name
Volume.IsSnapMirrorSource                     Is SM Src
Volume.MirroredTo                             Mirrored To
Volume.IsSnapMirrorDestination                Is SM Dest
Volume.MirrorOf                               Mirror Of

Default sort order is StorageSystem.Name.
[root@lnx ~]#

[root@lnx186-118 ~]# dfm report list -C
ID   Report Name               Description
---- ------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
42 VolumesNotMirrored        This is a report created to know the list of volumes that are not QSM or VSMed.

If "Is SM Src" and "Is SM Dest" is blank then these volumes are not protected.

Similary those volume for which the field "Mirrored To" and "Mirrored Of" are blank then they are also not Mirrored.

You can use either the Mirrorto or Is SM Src.

Attached is the screen shot of the report i created, which is same as the above one I listed.


getting there....  I had them create a custom report like this:

First create the report; then attach it to the scheduler.  Through the scheduler you can assign it to a group ( like a group of filers or even a group of qtrees ).

First create your report; it will display global objects first

-          Ex: report name = snapvault-list

Create a custom report Custom Report

Select Base Catalog = Qtree

Add Fields = Qtree FullName and Qtree Snapvaulted To

Then From Control Center

-          Reports > Schedules > create or use an existing schedule

-          Click add a Report Schedule

  • Name – custom name – ex: QCT-Green-snapvault-list
  • Choose your custom report
  • Choose format – html is fine
  • Choose deleted objects or fields – optional
  • Report Arugs – THE KEY – here is where you choose your group; lots to choose from
  • Graphs – not usually with custom reports
  • Select any schedule
  • Add email addresses
  • Done!

In the report schedules you will see it; you can check box it and run it at will; look for the return message about a report number

Then look at SAVED REPORTS tab, look for the saved report number “Output ID”; look for status and click the hyperlink “output”

Customer ha 4000 qtree backuped snapvaults; they want to use this to  capture new qtrees created; just a report they can browse daily;  but the above report is not showing the snapvault to items and 95% of these qtrees are vaulted currently;  is there something else i need to check