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Getting Started With Data ONTAP PowerShell Toolkit.pptx


Courtesy of Jason Cole, this slide deck provides a great intro to installing and using the Toolkit.  Updated for Toolkit 1.5.

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I'm working through the document to start custom reporting and it's been a great help.  I'm a PS noob so it's kinda difficult.

On slide 22, there is a partial command that I can't seem to get straight...

foreach (4filer in Get-Content C:\filers.txt) {Connect-NaController -Name $filer | .....}

Would you mind showing the full command?  I can't seem to make the transition to this list view.

In filer.txt, should they be listed out with out any $? 



Hello, FrostByte.  Assume that filers.txt contains only filer names or addresses:

PS C:\> Get-Content .\filers.txt

Then assuming you are using RPC or have saved these filers' credentials in the Toolkit's creds cache, you can use the example like this:

PS C:\> foreach ($filer in Get-Content filers.txt) { $c = Connect-NaController -Name $filer; Write-Host "Controller: $filer"; Get-NaVol | Format-Table }


Thanks for the quick reply. It's working now. The PDF doesn't include the "$c =" portion found below. I never would have found it.

Now, to figure out what management wants in the reports and how to explain reservations, reserves, ASIS, and flex-clones, in pie charts... LOL

how to explain reservations, reserves, ASIS, and flex-clones, in pie charts

The next Toolkit release, due sometime over the summer, adds a cmdlet to encapsulate NetApp's corporate standard storage efficiency calculations.  And we'll also post a script example of how those metrics might be presented in graphs.  Thought you might like to know...