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I have a doubt, I want to replace an Azure StorSimple and I'm looking forward to something quite similar, so I was thinking maybe an AFF on site with FabricPool and cloud tiering and maybe considering CVO for future purposes (backup/DR).


Is it possible to have Cloud Volumes Ontap as cloud tier for the FabricPool?


1) AFF --> FabricPool --> CVO (as cloud tier) --> Backup/DR


2) AFF --> FabricPool --> Azure BLOB (as cloud tier)

        |----> SnapMirror --> CVO --> Backup/DR


I'm quite sure number 2 could work, but was wondering if number 1 is even possible at all.







Hi Alan,


I think it's a great idea!

You have few options here:



AFF --> Cloud Tiering --> BLOB

Cloud Tiering can tier cold blocks from the AFF directly to Blob, but the meta data and hot data will be kept on the AFF performance tier. It will enable you to expand your AFF capacity without any need for additional hardware. 


DR / Secondary copy:

AFF --> SnapMirror --> CVO --> FabricPool --> BLOB

There's no need to use it as cloud tier, you can SnapMirror the data from the AFF to CVO and then enable FabricPool with "All" /"Auto" tiering policy and the cold data will be tiered directly to BLOB.



2) AFF --> Cloud Backup Service --> BLOB

It will create an independent copy on BLOB for backup


 Hi AlanGuerraMartinez,


If you are considering going to a AFF FabricPool solution and connect to Azure for the cloud tier, I would recommend reviewing TR-4598: FabricPool Best Practices.  The TR will include some answers to questions that you might have. 


Regarding the two options, currently you can not use CVO as the Cloud Tier.  If you want to use NetApp as a cloud tier, then you would want to look at using OnPrem AFF to NetApp StorageGRID for the cloud tier.  Option 2 will work allowing you to use the OnPrem AFF with FabricPool to the Azure Cloud Tier.  Then you can snapmirror from the OnPrem to CVO for backup/DR


Feel free to reach out to a NetApp Sales rep for additional information regarding FabricPool. 



Team NetApp
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