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ONTAP Cloud HA for AWS


Started deploying ONTAP HA in AWS but it is failing with error "No connectivity to ports 443, 3000 which is required for proper functioning".  I have double checked SG and no issue with SG. Anyone faced this kind of issue or any suggestions


Check connectivity for working environment CL04
No connectivity to ports 443, 3000 which is required for proper functioning


This is not only about SG.

First and formost - Cloud Manager needs access to AWS but it also needs HTTPS access to the subnet in which youvare deploying ONTAP cloud. In HA that means all three subnets of the three nodes.

On top of that you need port 3000 to rhe subnet of the mediator.

Very detailsd in the manual available under the Help menu of Cloud Manager.

Yaron Haimsohn
Manager, Cloud Solutions Architecture


Cloud Manage is running in same subnet as node1 but still failing to connect to node1 and node2, mediator.  Also I see initially it created 3 nano probe instances, which does connectvitiy test. One think is observed that when probe nodes comes up, I have verified connecvitiy from CLI of cloudmanager using telnet for 443 to node1 and node2, where gets connnection refused.  It indicates ports are not listening on 443 at the time probe happen but after 2-3 min connectivity works from cloud manager to node1, node2 (443), mediator (3000).  So I doubt this is connecvitiy issue within subnet or AZs but seems like intial probe connectivity check is failig due to ports not listenning on target at specificied time limit

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