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Tthree floating IP's in setting up Cloud OnTap HA?


To set up a ONTAP Cloud HA, three floating IP addresses are required, one of the management IP, and two for NFS/CIFS on each node. Further, all these three floating IP's have to be outside of all our VPC's.


Assuming the HA is configured in, then


My questions:

1.    Can I assign any IP's outside VPC's, for instance,,, and for floating IP's.

2.    If yes, then I can use for mgmt access, correct?

3.    Then how internally the floating IP's can be converted to HA node's IP? what routing tables would look like to support such converstion?






Are you inside the VPC? More precise is the machine you are browsing from is in a subnet whose route table has the floating IPs? Please check




You should assign only IPs outside of VPC. As for the IPs themselves you need to "make them up".


The HA will edit the route table of that VPC (Those you select) to point the floating IPs at specific ENIs of the nodes.

In time of need these would be moved around (The tables edited on the fly to point at the other node ENI)




the issue here is that I am not able to bring up SM, and getting the following message in the browser.

I assigned, .12, and .13 to three floating's. Each node and mediator has it's own subnet,,, and Do I need to configure proxy server in AWS?



The following is the screen shot when after I invoke System Manager in Menu options


This site can’t be reached refused to connect.


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