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Attempting to Install Windows 2008 R2 SP1 w/ SnapDrive installed on the server


I ran into the following situation about a month ago and then again today.  I was attempting to install SP1 on a windows 2008 r2 server but shortly after the install started it would fail. The Microsoft troubleshooting was pointing to a problem with the partition or the disks themselves.  I went through the different steps that Microsoft recommended without success.  At one point, one of the steps rendered the server unbootable; thank goodness it was a VM and I had taken a snapshot!!!  After looking on the true microsoft knowledgebase, Google, I wasn't able to find anything and broke down and called Microsoft support.  Once I mentioned to support I had Snapdrive installed on the server, she found a reference to that being the issue.  Evidently, when Snapdrive is installed it "takes control of how a drive/volume" is presented to the operating system.  This process works wonderfully all the time except when installing SP1.  She indicated that Microsoft assumed the operating system had direct access to the C drive when they created SP1, which apparently they don't.  So here is the fix:

1) uninstall snapdrive

2) open command prompt using the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option (not sure how neccessary, but this is what I did)

3) run command mountvol /E

4) restart server and install SP1

5) reinstall snapdrive

Hope this helps someone.  I know I burned several hours tracking down this small little nugget of knowledge.



I've seen this problem and another workaround is assigning the 'System' partition a drive letter.


There is plenty of info around this issue in this thread:


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