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Configurating Snap Creator Backup



I am working on configuring snap creator backup for an application. Base don what I have read so far, the allocation of seconday volumes and initial snapvault baseline has been advised to be done by the provision manager.I am looking at a different approach. Similar to the configuration of SMVI backups ..

  • 1.       Create a secondary volume on the remote filer.
  • 2.       Start  snapvault baseline with the primary.
  • 3.       Schedule the secondary volume and rentention (snapvault snap sched xx@-) . The scheduling can also be done at the snap creator server end in the config file.
  • 4.       Go to Snap Creator GUI to create a profile.Choose the secondary volume as a destination resource pool while creating the profile.
  • 5.       Go to protection manager(PM) to associate the dataset with the protection policy (backup on the primary and then to the secondary)
  • 6.      Schedule the SnapC backup either through any scheding server or through the PM or through the snap creator GUI.

Would appreciate if someone can enlighten me and advise if the approach is correct.





any suggestions from Snap Creator Gurus?


Ok so all you want to do is a backup involving SnapVault?

If so then yes snapvault relationship needs to exists, meaning secondary volume, etc

In SC you have two choices do a snapvault update in which case we

1. create snapshot on primary

2. perform snapvault transfer (or PM can do transfer if you are using PM)

3. wait for transfer

4. create snapshot on seconday volume (or PM will do that if it is doing transfer)

In addition you can also use snapvault scheduler on storage system. SC will:

1. create a snapvault scheduler compliant snapshot on primary

2. wait for snapshot creation process

3. scheduler on storage system is responsible for transferring

There are about 30 videos under content on SC communities page which show how to setup snapvault, proteciton manager, etc, I recommend watching them.



Thanks Keith,

Can you send across the link to the SnapCreator videos please.




Thanks a lot Keith...

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