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Copying a LUN between nodes in a clustered filer


Hi, we have a cluster ( let´s call them nodeA and nodeB ) and we need to copy one LUN from nodeA to nodeB

May we use ndmpcopy  ???

or can we use lun clone  ?

Is this a valid syntaxis :    nodeA>  lun clone create nodeB:/vol/luns/lun0 -b nodeA:/vol/luns/lun0 mysnap

Thanks !



Thanks a lot Adam !



The lun clone command does not work across controllers (or even across volumes for that matter). You can ndmpcopy it, but be sure you are copying a consistent LUN in a snapshot or a LUN that is not mounted by a ahost the time. Expect the copy of the LUN on the other side to not be online. You may need to remap it and put it online.

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