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How to disable verification in SnapManager for Exchange ?



I'd like to disable verification in SnapManager 6.0 for Exchange with the -NoTruncateLog $True switch.

It seems that by default, even if you're not specifying the -verify switch, as soon as the -NoTruncateLog switch is set to $True, the verification is forced.

Is there a way to really disable it ? (Other than setting the -NoTruncateLog to $False as it's stated on NOW ? I don't want to backup transaction logs)

Thank you,


SnapManager 6.0 for Exchange

Exchange Server 2003 in a Active/Passive Cluster




The short answer is no (and I really wish that wasn't the answer....particularly for one of my customers).

See this page in the SME docs....


Thank you Andrew.

Actually, I knew that it's not supposed to be possible "by design".

The GUI obviously prevents you to uncheck the verify option but I thought that in the SMEJobLauncher command line, you would just have to omit the -verify command.

But as I said, even with the -verify command omitted, the verification is forced anyway.

In fact, I was hoping for a "trick" to get around this "feature" if it exists.


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