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How to stop disturbing console messages that are generated from NDMP sessions?



In the filer console I am continuously getting verbose messages about NDMP sessions and access try outs from the hosts. It is very disturbing when I try to do something from console. I just want to know how to stop / disable those messages appearing in console. It would be much better, if those messages regarding NDMP can be redirected to some other location (for troubleshooting purposes, if required).

I am getting following type of messages...

[HOSTNAME:ndmp.authentication.accept:info]: ndmpd(authtype+password) allowed for version = 4, sessionId = 7322, from src ip =, dst ip = xx.xx.xx.xx, src port = 56183, dst port = 10000

[HOSTNAME:ndmp.connection.close:info]: ndmpd session closed successfully for version = 4, sessionId = 7322, from src ip =, dst ip =, src port = 56183, dst port = 10000

How do I stop those lengthy messages appearing in console?




If you just want that to stop, you can set ndmpd.connectlog.enabled to off.  Otherwise redirect like suggested above. 


You need to redirect your messages to message file only.

Take a look at syslog.conf.sample.

Basically, if you don't wany any console messages use this

# Log messages of priority info or higher to /etc/messages and not to the console.

#*.info                                  /dev/console

*.info                                  /etc/messages

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