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Restrict SnapDrive LUN ID from using 0


I’m working with SnapDrive for Linux 4.1, installed on Suse Linux 10.2

When I issue the command:
Snapdrive storage create –lun –lunsize 75g
It created the LUN with ID 0, which always fails.  I want it to create it with LUN ID 1 (or the next available LUN ID).
When I specify to create 2 or more LUNS, everything higher than LUN ID 0 works fine.
I looked on the NetApp communities blog and see several others have the same issue, so I’m thinking a solution would be to have SnapDrive start with LUN ID 1 instead of 0.

Do you know what file I would modify to tell SnapDrive to start with LUN ID 1?



Hi Peter,

As a workaround you can create a dummy lun and map it to the igroup created/used by SDU, such that it gets the ID 0 and continue to use SDU for other luns.

>>> Do you know what file I would modify to tell SnapDrive to start with LUN ID 1?

LUN IDs are actually assigned by the filer when a lun is mapped to an igroup. So, SDU has no control over choosing a LUN ID.

BTW, are you using FCP or iSCSI?




In fact that is how I did a work-around, but I wasn't really happy with it because I want to demo SnapDrive for Unix with iSCSI to a potential customer, and wish to have everything automated.  If I create the first LUN with ID 0, then I must manually show them the steps, i.e. creating the initiator group, LUN, etc.

I was hoping their was a way to work around this by telling the OS, SnapDrive or placing a switch in the create snapdrive cli to use a specific LUN.


Hmmm.....what version of Data ONTap?

It sounds similar to mapping a LUN ID in FilerView without specifying a LUN ID -- FilerView just picks the lowest free one for you. So....if the underlying API calls in ONTap have issues with that....


Data ONTAP 7.3.1.P1

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