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[SC MOUNT] How to get the snapshot name selected in GUI?



I'm looking for a way to have a Domino admin being able to mount/unmount a backup created by SC. Mount command allows browsing and selecting a snapshot, but SC will only perform the cloning operation bqsed on that snapshot and not the actual mount. What I would like to do is to use MOUNT_CMD01 and UMOUNT_CMD01 fields and specify a sdcli command, for example:

MOUNT_CMD01="C:\Program Files\Netapp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap mount -s <snapshot name choosen in GUI> -k M -d R

UMOUNT_CMD01="C:\Program Files\Netapp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap unmount -d R

Unfortunately, I can't find the proper variable (if any) corresponding to the snapshot name choosen in GUI. Cloning operation performed during mount process gets the right value. If using %SNAME-%SNAP_TYPE_%SNAP_TIME, %SNAP_TIME matches the time SC job was started.

Any idea please?

Also, if doing mount/unmount, is it possible to bypass cloning process, as sdcli takes care of it?





I think only thing you can do is select USER_DEFINED in GUI and set it to snapshot name

USER_DEFINED=<snapshot name>

Depending on GUI version there is field when you do action called USER DEFINED or there is parameters input box where you can add USER_DEFINED=<snapshot>

Then in config file:

MOUNT_CMD01="C:\Program Files\Netapp\SnapDrive\SDCLI.exe" snap mount -s %USER_DEFINED -k M -d R

In future we plan on making this easier but you should be able to do it with USER_DEFINED

Let us know




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