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SnapCenter SQL takes long to backup




Sometimes, pretty frequently, backups of SQL DBs take around 10-20 minutes to complete with time spent in "Registering Backup and Applying Retention".

Because of 15min log backup schedule, jobs are beeing queued.

Can anybody tell what happens in that "Registering Backup and Applying Retention" phase and what can be the reason for long processing???

SnapCenter CPU utlization (4 cores, virtual machine) is around 40-50% taken by IIS worker mostly.

Thank you




SnapCenter 4.0P1




"Registering Backup and Applying Retention" means store the metadata information of the backup on the SnapCenter database and then apply the retention by deleting backups and snapshots accordingly. So, or the comunicaiton with the database has some problme or you have a large number of backups/snapshot to check if they need to be deleted.

Do you see some timeout or failure or the prcess in the end succeeds?

You can try by configuring the appropriate retention and running the PS cmdlet "Remove-Smbackup -CleanupSecondaryBackups" regularly to cleanup the metadata entries



I see that some jobs are not being queued because queue is full. But jobs complete ok, no error messages, no timeouts. Just it takes 10min to register backup.

Retention/schedule is a business requirement.

We don't have SnapVault and retention setting looks work ok.

Any ideas how can I check where it spends those 10minutes?


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