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SnapCenter login fails with Due to security reason, the browser session has expired.


Hello All,


Just in case anyone else comes across tis issue I thought I'd record my workaround here. It'll also come in handy if I have to reinstall SnapCenter and encounter the same problem!


After installing SnapCenter I was unable to login via the browser. Attempting to do so resulted in the less than useful error message:


Due to security reason, the browser session has expired. Please close or refresh the browser and try again.


I have tried a variety of browsers and all produced the same error. However I was able to login using PowerShell, make our Domain Admins group SnapCenter admins then login as using an account in the domain admins group. The powershell code you need is:


$domain = 'YOUR_DOMAIN'

$smcred = Get-Credential

Open-SmConnection -SMSbaseUrl https://YOUR_SNAPCENTER_SERVER:8146/ -Credential $smcred

Add-SmGroupToRole -Domain $domain -Group 'Domain Admins' -RoleName SnapCenterAdmin


Hopefully someone will find this useful, even if it's only me!









I just want to make an Update. 


Please check if you have any special characters in the password that you are using, since a sign such as “<>”, etc, can cause such a problem in limited occasions.


I already solved this problem by changing  my password.


Thank you for this commant.

I also add  following command:


Open-SmConnection -SMSbaseUrl https://YOUR_SNAPCENTER_SERVER:8146/ -Credential domain\username


After that, i could log in to snapcenter again.





Thank you for the information.

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