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SnapCentre VMware Backup - Ensure VM powered Off


Not hugely familiar with this product. Can SnapCenter ensure VMs are powered off before being snapped and power on thereafter? I have some Linux appliances that only support snapshots when powered off. 





I doubt SnapCenter for VMware can - Power-off and Power-on VMs, it will only take snapshots based on the point-in-time state of the VMs i.e On, off or suspended.


However, it does have a provision for pre/post scripts but it has pre-defined Environmental variables.


Support for prescripts and postscripts:


Scripts are executed according to the value set for BACKUP_PHASE.


Environment variables passed to scripts:
VIRTUAL_MACHINE.# <power-state>|<VM snapshot>|
power-state = has the values POWERED_ON, POWERED_OFF, or SUSPENDED
VM snapshot = has the values true or false


I haven't tested/tried, but I am guessing: If you set the value for - power-state to 'off' and 'VM snapshot 'true'. Then, it will take snapshot only when the state is powered-off.


But, if your intention is to - Trigger Power-off VMs (specific) before snap and Power-on post Snapcenter backups. You may be able to customise and schedule it.


In Theory:
1) Create a separate resource group (name it say -linux-specific) and add the specific Vms (linux ones) to it, set it to run, let's say @21 Hrs everyday.
2) Create a custom pre-script : That checks the state of the VMs in that resource group and if the VMs are power-on, it will be powered-off. Run this script @20:45hrs, so that it will power-off the VMs before the snapcenter job kicks-off.
3) Create a custom post-script : That will power-on the VMs in that resource group. Run this script @21:15. Usually, SnapCenter backup takes less than a minute, so 15 mints are more than enough, you might be able to set it to 21:10hrs.



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