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SnapCreator User Guide?



Is there something like a "User Guide" for SnapCreator, or even better Examples how to configure various plugins?

I am pretty new to SnapCreator, just installed the Server and Agent today and plan to backup oracle Databases.

What I am struggling with is: "How to use" it, because not all inputs required for a profile are self-explaining, and the list of all possible parameters in the config file is quite long, e.g. many parameters are optional some are mandatory etc.

I read the Installation Guide carefully and also several discussions in this community but I am not smart enough to feel able to configure it properly with this information.

Finding out by trial and error is kind of hard - that is why  examples from a working configuration with minimum required options (e.g. to perform a Snapshot) would be very helpful.






For partners or internal NetApp that have access to Solution Builder we do have some additional documents available in Solution Builder.

We are working on improving the documentation for Snap Creator to add this type of information to be more specific to the various plugins.

For Snap Creator 4.1 we focused on the Install Guide, pulling in the information from Solution Builder to make a better and more thorough guide.

Next we will be focusing on the Admin/User guide that will focus on the framework functionality.

After that we are discussing creating individual plugin guides or detailed sections to the user guide to cover plugin specific information.

This is one of the biggest challenges with Snap Creator being a framework - there are so many possible options it is challenging to create a guide that is exactly what someone needs for their specific situation.

If you don't have access to Solution Builder please send me an email (spinks at netapp dot com) and I can send you the content we have that may help.

It doesn't look like I can attach it to this thread or I would.

If you have any specific errors or issues please let us know and we will try to help.