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SnapManager for Hyper-V - Distributed Application-consistent backup over SMB 3.0




Before the upgrade to ONTAP 9 my Hyper-V Cluster was running distributed application-consistent snapshots over SMB 3.


After the upgrade my SnapDrive and SnapManager had to be re-installed/downgraded after a bad SD version. Now the option to run Distributed backups is gone in the configuration wizard and I found an old document saying that it wasn't supported but that was on Windows 2012, ONTAP 8 and SnapManager 2.0.


If it still isn't supported how come I could run it for over a year before the upgrade of ONTAP?


Is there a way to activate Distributed backups by editing registry or config files? The benefit of Hyper-V cluster kind of loses its point if I can't run distributed backups.



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To use this feature, select the Application-consistent backup type and select the Enable Distributed Backup check box. Refer Backup options in the link:

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Yes, if it was there it would be easy. Smiley Happy But earlier in the line it says for CSV 2.0 (Cluster Shared Volumes) but I am running on SMB 3.0 Shares.


I know this was some time ago...but was this fixed?

I'm having the same issue. On-demand backups give me the option to choose "Distributed Application Consistent Backup" However, when creating a backup policy to schedule backups, I do not have this option leaving me with snapshots for each HyperV hosts in the volume used for SMB3 Snapmanager HyperV version 2.1.4


Thanks, Rob

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