Data Backup and Recovery

SnapManager for SQL Server Monitor - reporting deleted databases as not backedup


We've setup the monitoring and reporting setting to report every day for backups. We're getting reports of missed backups for databases no longer on the server? Do we have run through the configuration wizard again, or is there another way to fix this?


Here's a snippet of the report:

[09:55:00.033]  [SQL_QA] SnapManager for SQL Server completed the backup operations on the following number of databases on server: SQL_QA

[09:55:00.034]  [SQL_QA]    Succeeded: 5    Not run: 1      Total databases detected: 6

[09:55:00.034]  [SQL_QA] SnapManager for SQL Server completed the following backup operations:

[09:55:00.034]  [SQL_QA]    1: master - Succeeded: 1

        2: model - Succeeded: 1

        3: msdb - Succeeded: 1

        4: DB4 - Succeeded: 1

        5: DB5 - Succeeded: 0  <-- Removed from server weeks ago

        6: SSISDB - Succeeded: 1







Run the configuration wizard again.

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