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SnapManager for SQL and 8.2 cluster SnapVault


Does the SMSQL pluging not support SnapVault when running a 8.2 cluster mode?

[2014-02-18 14:56:07,734] ERROR: SCF-00043: SnapVault is not supported in Clustered Data ONTAP, set NTAP_SNAPVAULT_UPDATE to N in configuration.

########## Snap Creator Framework 4.1.0 failed ##########





Someone has opened a support case on this.  Engineering is looking into it.

If it is you, great!

If not, I suggest opening a support case so that this issue is tracked and resolved.


SnapVault and Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 work fine as of Snap Creator 4.1.




This error is coming from the SC server so it seems some controller or vserver is not 8.2? Does this work without the plugin?

Also do you have the CLUSTER* options in config set? If so you shouldnt have them set, this could be causing issue.



Hi Keith

I'm using 2 simulators runniing 8.2 cluster mode (primary: mirrorcluster/smnode (svm) and SnapVault: vaultcluster/svnode (svm)).

Doesn't make a difference to set cluster options. Have attached logs.

How should I try without the plugin?

I have been able to make SnapManager/SnapDrive make the SnapVault update by adding "-archivebackup -archivedbackupretention daily" to SMSQL_BACKUP_OPTIONS, but shouldn't SnapCreator be able to do the SnapVault update?



hello Carsten,

I do have the same problem on physical CDOT cluster (6 nodes, 2 nodes are dedicated to snapvault). Has your problem been resolved meanwhile? If yes I would be very interested in getting solution details.


Thank you very much



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