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SnapVault - Transfer failed. (Out of memory)


Recently during the nightly Snapvault I have been receiving the following error: Transfer failed. (Out of memory).

I have searched here and on the internet, there doesn't seem to be an answer. I have 5 other vaults that have no issue. 

I am running OnTap 9.2 on a FAS 2554. Any help would be appriciated. 




Your snapmirror.log might provide additional information that can help in troubleshooting. See the link on how to get access to the log file:




I see in the logs where it fails, but there is no indication of why. I have been looking at the logs for some time now, still can't figure out the problem. I thought at first it was a space problem, but it isn't. It says memory, not sure from that point. Still looking.




Ran into the same thing using SnapMirror with error below, but cleared up on next scheduled job.   Node rebooted 4 days later from hitting bug BUG 1157562: An internal memory leak might lead to reduced performance.  Fixed in 9.3 an beyond.


'Transfer failed'. Last transfer error was 'Transfer failed. (Out of memory)'.




@bmccullough .. We ran into the same issue with snapmirror updates failing because of "Out of memory" errors. we are on ONTAP 9.5P6.. Did you guys figure out a workaround?


The error self cleared on next scheduled snapmirror update & node rebooted because of a memory leak.

- No workaround action taken because it has not reoccurred.


You might look at



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