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Data Backup and Recovery

Snapcreator HANA Plugin OSDB User does not work


Hello Community,


I would like to use the snapcreator version 4.1.1. for backups of HANA databases. For hdbsql commands I use the user <sid>adm.

He has the hdbsql directory in his path variable and has the right to execute hdbsql statements.

So I put this User in the "OSDB User" variable, but nevertheless the root user were used.

Is this a bug?



Is this bug fixed now in 4.1.2?

I cannot find any hint in the release notes.



Thank you for reporting this.

We have identified this as a bug.

The osdb user param does not work with the new HANA plug-in.


In case you have configured Snap Creator agaent on db host and don't want to use root.

As a workaround for now you can move SC agent out of the DB host on a seperate VM where it can run hdbsql client as root user.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will add the fix in the next possible release of SC.






I have a similar problem, or the same?


When I use a hdbuserstore Key then the keystore has to be the UserStore for User ROOT !


But we need to use the OSDB Users keystore, because our HANAs can switch from Host to Host and the Homedir of the OSDB User is a shared NFS Volume and the Root homedir is located on the hosts.






The OSDB user parameter doesn't work. This is an identified bug.

This is planned to be fixed in the next release of snap creator.


I haven't tried it myself but if you install and start the Snap Creator Agent using the OSDB (non root user) this might work.





I'm sending this on to a SAP HANA expert for review.


Sorry for the delay in a response - due to the community change we just realized we were not being notified one posts were being added to the forum.





Thank you John!

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